At Wulff & Konstali we are experts in helping companies as well as private persons with organizing brunches and buffets. The serving will be delivered in our small stoneware bowls and our wooden boards on the side. It will all be packed in thermo boxes. The bowls have to be sent back the day after your event, and we gladly do the dishes for you.

The minimum order is for 10 persons, and the brunch price is 165 DKK. Pr. Person. Delivery to the occasion costs 625 DKK.

The order must be given to our email address minimum 2 days before the occasion. With larger parties, please let us know 5 days in advance.

The only thing you need to do before you order is to decide which 7 dishes* you would like from our menu card. 

*Please note that we don’t recommend ordering the waffle to take away. They won’t be crispy and delicious after the transport. However, we would like to deliver the waffle dough, so you can make delicious waffles at your own waffle iron.



Send an email to wogk@wogk.dk. Please include the following info:

1. The date and time for the brunch

2. Which 7 dishes* you would like and to how many persons?

3. Would you like additional bread or drinks?

4. Should the brunch be delivered or collected? Please send an address if you would like to get the brunch delivered.

5. Billing details. e.g business name, att. name,  address, phone, (name), email)

6. Remember to take allergens into consideration